• AV2

    Introducing the AV2 Infrared Sauna—an exquisite addition to our premium product line with seating for two. Crafted with precision and designed for the ultimate wellness experience, the AV2 boasts an array of exceptional features. Its Carbon Fiber heater provides efficient and even heat distribution, while the functional African Abachi wood bench does not retain heat nor splinter. Tempered glass and LED lighting create a tranquil ambiance, and the integrated chromotherapy lighting enhances wellness. A stunning salt wall adds therapeutic benefits along with Bluetooth audio. The AV2 offers a seamless journey to well-being within the comforts of your own space. Elevate your wellness routine with the AV2 Infrared Sauna—an embodiment of style, sophistication and rejuvenation.

  • AV3

    Welcome to the AV3 Infrared Sauna—an exceptional addition to our product lineup, designed for those seeking a shared wellness experience. With ample space for up to three individuals, the AV3 combines comfort and rejuvenation seamlessly. Its cutting-edge features, including a Carbon Fiber heater and the rich warmth of African abachi wood, envelop you in soothing heat. Tempered glass and LED lighting create an inviting atmosphere, while the integrated chromotherapy lighting enhances relaxation. A therapeutic salt wall adds to the holistic experience. The AV3 invites you and your loved ones to embark on a wellness journey together. Elevate your well-being with the AV3 Infrared Sauna—a space where connection and rejuvenation converge.

  • Finnleo S830

    If you like to lie down in the sauna, this is the model for you. This rectangular model comfortably seats three, but the 6’ width also makes it comfortable for lying down. With all glass front the room has an open, luxurious feel to it.

  • Hallmark 44 Sauna

    A Truly Portable 4’x4’ Sauna. Imagine having a luxurious Finnish sauna experience quickly, easily and wherever you like. With the 6-panel Hallmark, you can — it truly is portable! The Hallmark comes equipped with the same features as other Hallmark saunas, but with 120-volt plug-in instead of 240. Simply assemble, plug into the closest outlet, and you’re ready — no finishing work, no plumbing and no electrical.

    A new addition to the HM44 is the SaunaLogic2 Digital Control with an optional worldwide mobile app giving you access to your sauna controls from anywhere in the world.

  • Hallmark InfraSauna IS440

    For those who sauna bathe alone, or with one other — or for those who have limited space, the diminutive Hallmark IS440, 4’ x 4’ two-person sauna just might be the best value in the market today. The IS440 comes complete, from the factory, with a “Two-in-One InfraSauna Dual Heating System” comprised of Finnleo’s Low EMR/EF Infrared heating panels as well as the Piccolo Mini traditional sauna heater. Simply assemble and plug into a 120-volt household outlet. The SaunaLogic2 control panel allows you to easily select “Infrared” or “Traditional” Finnish sauna, depending upon what you’re in the mood for. The SaunaLogic2 also features an optional mobile app (SaunaLogic) to control the sauna from a mobile device from anywhere you have cell phone access.


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