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Welcome to the AV3 Infrared Sauna—an exceptional addition to our product lineup, designed for those seeking a shared wellness experience. With ample space for up to three individuals, the AV3 combines comfort and rejuvenation seamlessly. Its cutting-edge features, including a Carbon Fiber heater and the rich warmth of African abachi wood, envelop you in soothing heat. Tempered glass and LED lighting create an inviting atmosphere, while the integrated chromotherapy lighting enhances relaxation. A therapeutic salt wall adds to the holistic experience. The AV3 invites you and your loved ones to embark on a wellness journey together. Elevate your well-being with the AV3 Infrared Sauna—a space where connection and rejuvenation converge.



Includes Tab Content

  • African Abachi wood benches & backrests
  • Integrated Chromotherapy
  • Salt Wall for detoxification benefits


Features Tab Content

  • African Abachi wood benches & backrests
  • Integrated Chromotherapy
  • Salt Wall for detoxification benefits

Specs & Measurement

  • Dimensions: 71" W x 47.5" D x 75" H
  • Weight: 617.7 lbs
  • 20 Amp 220 Electrical Plug
  • Hemlock wood interior and exterior
  • African Abachi wood benches & backrests
  • Tempered glass door
  • Seating for up to 3 people


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Your Avantikul experience begins with convenience, as we go the extra mile to ensure a hassle-free delivery process. Emphasizing precision and punctuality, our shipping service provides a unique advantage, allowing you to anticipate and plan for your delivery with precision. Avantikul not only delivers premium wellness products but also ensures they arrive promptly within a convenient 4-hour window, reflecting our commitment to enhancing every aspect of your well-being, right from the moment you decide to embark on this transformative journey. *some assembly required, please refer to our instructional videos*

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1 review for AV3

  1. Dave

    Just received my new sauna. Much nicer than I expected. Went together easy and works fantastic! Thank you avantikul for an awesome experience!

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Protection & Warranty

Protection & Warranty Tab Content

Residential Warranty

Avantikul takes pride in providing an extensive limited warranty for its residential cold plunge products, aligning with the commitment showcased in the referenced warranty structure. Specifically crafted for non-commercial, residential use, Avantikul’s warranty encompasses vital components, including the shell structure and surface, LED light system, UV light, equipment, plumbing and wall fittings, and the non-slip floor system. However, exclusions are in place to address instances of neglect, misuse, and abuse, covering conditions such as poor water chemistry, neglected filter care, freezing conditions, power outages, and inattention to low water flow. For a detailed understanding of coverage and exclusions, customers are encouraged to refer to the specifics outlined in Avantikul’s Limited Warranty documentation.


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