• Aspen Extreme

    The Avantikul ASPEN EXTREME Cold Plunge represents the pinnacle of indoor wellness, meticulously designed to bring the invigorating benefits of cold therapy to the comfort of your home or commercial space. Engineered with precision, this indoor-exclusive cold plunge offers a compact yet powerful solution, seamlessly integrating into modern lifestyles to enhance physical recovery, boost circulation, and elevate overall well-being.

  • Everest

    The Avantikul Everest Cold Plunge embodies sophistication with its elegant aluminum siding and robust steel internal framing, creating a stunning fusion of style and durability. Purposefully designed for versatility, this cold plunge seamlessly transitions from indoor sanctuaries to outdoor retreats, delivering a revitalizing experience that harmonizes with both contemporary interiors and natural surroundings.

  • K2

    The Avantikul K2 Cold Plunge/Hot Tub Combo epitomizes the epitome of well-being, carefully crafted to deliver the refreshing advantages of cold and hot therapy to your home or business. With meticulous engineering, this exclusive indoor/outdoor cold plunge/hot tub combination provides a potent solution, effortlessly blending into contemporary lifestyles promoting physical recovery, enhance circulation, and elevate overall health.

  • The Peak

    The Peak Cold Plunge from Avantikul is an ideal choice for cozy spaces, striking a remarkable balance between style and durability. Crafted for flexibility, this cold plunge seamlessly transitions from indoor havens to outdoor getaways, offering a revitalizing experience that complements both indoors and out.


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